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Fernsitzung /Remote session

Pranama Heart Connection - Remote Session

45,00 EUR

This Method is a healing session. You bring in a topic that you would like cleared. The course of the session will be determined by the spiritual world and your story.

I will connect with the spiritual world and with you on the heart level so that healing can take place.

The topics that we can transform are as diverse as life itself, so set yourself no boundaries

Here I only mention a few:

Relationship healing or finding the right partner - occupation – to find vocation - to heal your inner child - family clarification - health - grief - depression - weight - financial abundance – clarification of ancestry - relief from mobbing and external factors

Already one session helps you feel free, powerful and healthier.

Very supportive to medical treatment!

How we go about after receipt of payment and arranged appointment via email or phone:

The distance healing with Yasmin takes place via Skype or telephone. After a short discussion on the topic we hang up and you lay or sit down comfortably and relax. She will connect to the spiritual world and let healing flow.

Once completed, phone call or Skype call takes place to share experience.


Total time about 60 minutes.


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