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All sessions are designed individually, none is alike. Methods will be combined if necessary. If you have questions please do contact me via Email:  [email protected]


made with love

Through my self-developed treatment PRANAMA HEART CONNECTION I dissolve blockages and debilitating emotions that prevent us from leading a life in health and abundance. Our experiences in life and karmic entanglements and liabilities resulting from past lives lead to a closed heart with many people, the chakras are block mental and physical stress symptoms arise. In deep connection with the heart and soul of the client, I loosen the heart blockage, clear the chakras and create an atmosphere of peace and relaxation. It is possible to improve interpersonal relationships, heal conflicts on an energetic basis to solve and to create relief in everyday life and in all types of relationships. All this happens through working on the heart level.
No session is alike; the history of the client decides the course.


with a little help from our friends from the spiritual world

Lift your energetic vibration through ascending-  and angels meditations. In these deep mediations I clear the chakras and receive messages from the spiritual world. Each session is characterized by an in depth exploration of yourself and emotional cleansing.  We merge with mother Earth and with the Energy of the Supreme.

Angels Meditation: in these sacred sessions we ask our spiritual leaders for guidance, the meditation is conducted by a channeling.

Ascending meditation: We move into higher vibrational fields, dissolve the circle of time and space and merge with our higher soul. We are often sent into past cultures remember the lives we lived there and solve still existing emotional blockage or simply feel at home.
This is a meditation for people who are already on the spiritual path


The wave from the well of wisdom

Life on Earth and in the universe has a plan, a matrix. With the help of this quantum physics-based method we reach all blocked human energy channels. The energy of this method moves in waves. The access to pure consciousness is being opened and negativity is transformed. Free yourself from paradigms of believes, entanglements and negativity. We’ll accompany you in individual sessions, demonstration evenings and seminars. You need to experience it yourself to understand what impact the Matrix method can have.

We explicitly point out that none of our treatments replace a medical consultation. We do not diagnose, treat or perform therapy in the conventional medical sense, promises of salvation are not issued.