Fullhearted  ~

Zentrum für Reiki, Meditation und spirituelle Therapie

Enlighten your Spirit

Healing sessions, Reiki and Matrix Quantum healing at my practice.

Pranama Heart Connection ~

I will connect with the spiritual world and with you on the heart level so that healing can take place.

The topics that we can transform are as diverse as life itself, so set yourself no boundaries

Here I only mention a few:

Relationship healing or finding the right partner - occupation – to find vocation - to heal your inner child - family clarification - health - grief - depression - weight - financial abundance – clarification of ancestry - relief from mobbing and external factors

Come and enjoy my beautiful and creative practice space, feel cosy and inspired at the same time and leave with a fresh boost of energy.

Fee 60€

REIKI and Matrix Quantum healing

Reiki is a form of energy transfer, the universal life energy. This method is especially well suited when you first come into contact with spiritual healing methods as it is especially gentle.  After a treatment, you usually feel refreshed and have new energy.


Matrix Quantum Healing

How would it be if there was an easy way to dissolve old belief patterns, old promises, entanglements, and trauma and heal ourselves through the waves of the infinite wisdom? Well here it is, for a path to greater wealth, health, happiness and enhanced quality of life.

Fee 60€